turn loose of the reins

my mind needs rest

an ebb and flow of unceasing thoughts

they continue to rise with the tide

surfacing that which with intention i left

– J.M. Cortés 



I could emerge with thoughts submerged

Quietness embedded, behavior subletted

Mask worn well, a protective measure safeguard this treasure

Of emotion raw, cold bitterness thawed

By heat of a thousand flames burning so bright

Darkness fled from the light

Shining fire in their eyes, exploited disguise

To commit, not yet because I won’t forget

Watchman duty unkept leads to tears of regret 

They gather in eyes of those who despise the need

Recall this need, remain submerged and that deep

Caution, despised

I just don’t care said he atop the fool’s chair

Apathy blunting reason, logic supplanted by feelings

Wishes void of control

Testing boundaries, unhinged, endangered soul

One deceived, unable to see, duped by a covert society

Flee, the rod will come fast attack now stripes on his back

All avoidable be he would not listen

Quest for fame now only shame, imminent

Pursuit of things outside his reach, regrets will teach

A lesson hard learned, but such is wisdom spurned

No reason to lie, should not despise, the caution of the 3rd eye


dominion in word…with a literary flow